Winter Escapes

I’ve just about had it! The calendar only reads February 6th and already I’m itching for sun, sand, surf and…. summer! So, when I see a 35-degree reading on my thermostat, I immediately start looking at the internet for warm, winter getaways. I don’t need much – just a few days of soft sand beneath my toes while I gaze out at the crisp, blue waters reading one of my many books on business and sip a sangria… ahhhhhhhh! And since that pesky groundhog just confirmed six more weeks of winter…There’s nothing like a mid-winter jaunt to sunnier climes to put a woman into a romantic, playful mood–and with Valentine’s Day on the horizon! I say let your imagination go and (literally!) GO for it! Maybe the groundhog will get the hint – he needs to stay in his burrow!


One of my all-time favorite places to vacation is Palm Beach, Florida – where I plan to retire someday! Too many “pluses” to even begin to give it justice: fine art museums, water sports, shopping, (yes!) and film festivals – just to name a few things that might pique your interest. The nightlife is hopping too – so don’t skimp on the rum cocktails as you enjoy the ocean breezes. Sun and sand – what more could a girl ask for?


If a cactus is more appealing than a palm tree – I say head to Scottsdale, Arizona! It’s a desert city famous for its spa resorts and golf courses. At the heart of every great vacation is passion! Here’s your mindset for this trip – the desert is wild and untamed and for a few days you can be, as well! You just can’t beat the combination of all the activities found in one locale! You can enjoy the outdoors, art and culture of the area, while you bask in physical and emotional wellness – and too many adventures to count!


For a real resort escape – I would opt to hit the Cayman Islands. With more to do than you’ll have hours for, you’ll spend exciting hours on some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. They have incredible diving, snorkeling, exploring, caving, hiking to hit if lounging on the beach isn’t your “thang.” And when the sun goes down and the stars come out – it’s really Cayman Island’s time to shine. Go on a romantic sunset cruise, kick back and relax – sheer bliss from that special vacation “evening out” mood will envelope you.


And while I’ve never been – I do believe I’m a California girl at heart! While LA is likely much more my speed – when I crave to be sun-kissed, I know San Diego is the place to be! Its year-round picture- perfect weather and miles and miles of surf and sandy beaches is for me! 17 miles of shoreline, to be exact – you can’t miss with this city as a fun destination. Check out the beauty of Balboa Park or sign up for a round of golf or a boating and fishing outing. You can’t miss with any activity on the varied menu here so join the fun in sunny San!



So go for it! Check out my winter-weather escape picks…or let me know what your favorite choice for a vacation is! I always love to find out more about what ya’ll think – so please fill me in!


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