Valentine’s Day Delights



Well you know me well enough to know that I am my own woman—and I’m always looking for something new and “different” and uber-exciting.  With Valentine’s Day on the very near horizon, I’ve put my sleuthing skills in highest gear to find you some unique, unusual, and special gifts to give and receive. Even if you’re on the end of both sides!


Never thought I’d say this publicly, but I adore penguins – they’re one of my favorite attractions at the aquarium – so how about a symbolic penguin adoption from World Wildlife Federation!  How sweet is that? You can adopt an Emperor Penguin -for $55 you get an adorable stuffed plush version, a group photo and a choice of cute tote bags…all the while contributing to protecting the future of nature by going toward the general support of WWE’s efforts around the world.  Now that’s a sweet treat!



Head to TreeHut for their Valentine’s Day sale on couple’s wooden watches: red rosewood will do the trick and they offer some personalization options to make them even more “yours!” They’re crafted in real bamboo and incredible!



You can make your bathroom romantic by covering yourself in love – with a Valentine’s Day heart themed shower curtain to liven things up?  Simple to find at Kohls, this conversation piece will keep you busy until spring at the very least – lots of fun for all.



Speaking of conversation pieces, don’t forget about the Valentine staples of candy conversation hearts! The latest and greatest come personalized with the names and messages you choose. You can nibble away as you watch a romantic movie and your day will really be complete and completely romantic.



From shower power to flower power…

Fresh Flowers are beautiful and fragrant, but they certainly don’t last forever.  You can fix that problem with a gold dipped rose that will stand the test of time – just like your love!  This majestic Eternity rose is hand dipped in 24k natural rose gold and guaranteed to last a Lifetime! Presented in a lovely leather case, you can be sure it’s the real deal when it comes to showcasing your feelings of love.

Falling in love with love, as the old song says – I fell in love with this Shadow Heart silver necklace that casts the silhouette of a heart when worn.  From  – it’s a new take on the simple heart design—the unusual shape that seemingly adds a new dimension of emotion the artist’s intention here is to embody the sentiment that though it is not always seen, it is always present.  (Sigh!)



Just a few weeks left until the big day, so go out there and bag a perfect gift that will make someone smile.  This is a wonderful time of year—so happy and full of love—so don’t let it pass unnoticed! Sending love to all my readers throughout the year but especially on Valentine’s Day💕💕 MWAH! xxx

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