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For the most on-trend hair happenings, I turned to my dear friend and business partner, Kevin Gatto of Verde Salon in Collingswood for breaking bun and braid news! He’s the one of the best in the business, a real hair guru, and keeps me au courant when it comes to hair styling trends and techniques. You want to turn heads this summer, don’t you? And with some suggestions you can easily start with your own!


Off to the beach or a casual get together? Why not try braids for a simple, flattering look that will be easy to maintain while you’re at play! Shane Michael Duncan, stylist at Verde, filled me in on how to recreate these amazing braids. He recommends that you use a light fiber crème like KM Undressed or texture paste like Easy Rider, if you’re braiding processed hair. Just put a little on your hands like lotion and that will help tame flyaway and breakage without losing that soft, bohemian texture, so instead of being cautioned “don’t try this at home,” I’m telling you “try this at home” for a simple and fun change of pace style.

This sophisticated braid by Courtney Thornton, senior stylist at Verde, shows how you can spice up your look with enticing and enchanting…BRAIDS! Who would’ve thought that a reserved look could make such a daring summer statement?

Time to give a thought to some summer beach buns! Buns are definitely on trend this summer and can we worn as a half-style, chignon or top knot (my personal fave!). The clever buns will keep you cool and stylish with a hint of sophistication thrown in for good measure. Stylist Sammie at Verde makes a classic messy top knot bun very “doable.” She says to start by brushing your hair out, getting all the tangles out…take an elastic hair band and put your hair up in a high tight ponytail.

ponytail 1

Next, take the ponytail straight up and twist it about halfway…take the twisted part and roll it around the elastic hair band and…once all the ponytail is wrapped around the hair band, use both hair pins and bobby-pins to secure the hair.

ponytail flippinup

Bobby-pins hold the hair to your head and hairpins tuck in any loose or shorter strands of hair. After that, it’s all up to you if you’d like to make it a little neater by just adding hairpins until you’re comfortable with the look! Hair accessories can dress up the do too! So don’t be shy – more is more!

finished bun

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