Trim Down in 2017!

The clock is ticking! Only about three and a half months left until Memorial Day weekend (YES!). It’s almost time for bikinis and shorts and showing off your legs and abs. If the thought has you shaking in your boots – don’t fret!! Weight loss expert, Dr. Matthew Pinto of Vive Medical Weight Loss and Aesthetics in Marlton, has just the tricks to get your bod beautified by May! His thoughts are definitely “doable” to get rid of that stubborn 10…and evolve into a real “10!” This is certainly something you can easily “try at home (!)” with quick, visible results!


  • His first tip is key to unlocking your weight loss success: You should definitely cut carbs, especially sugars and starches. But low carbohydrates (less than 50 grams a day) will accelerate weight loss and give you quicker, more lasting results.
  • It has always been a given that you shouldn’t skip breakfast! Skipping breakfast or even lunch tends to increase your hunger later in the day and we don’t want that. Make sure you build breakfast into your busy schedule.
  • Cut the cocktails! Easier said than done but it’s worth it in the long run when you put on that new dress and catch a glimpse of the new you in the mirror! And since we’re discussing drinks, you need to make it a priority to drink a full glass of water 15-minutes before each meal. This will fill you up effortlessly and will help you in feeling satisfied with smaller portions when you sit down for a meal.
  • Make food choices that will help you increase your fiber intake – fresh veggies can fill your stomach up for little increase in calories and can add color and taste to your meal. I love a meal of assorted steamed vegetables – it’s very filling and quite delicious!


If you want to take your weight loss to the next level, you might want a consultation with your doctor to see if you qualify for a medication that can suppress your appetite and speed up your metabolism. Combined with a healthier diet, medication can be very effective in helping you to take off and keep off those unwanted pounds.


With the SAG Awards coming up on the 29th, I have a feeling the stars are busy going low or no carb for that quick weight loss and also considering that doctor visit for some medication as well. Stay tuned to see if my predictions are spot-on!

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