Tantalizing Teeth!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with teeth and the importance for overall oral health and maintaining a perfect smile. Truth be told, if I could have a career do-over, I would have probably opted to be an orthodontist!!


I follow a very strict, personal dental regimen: I see a dentist four times a year for routine cleanings, regularly whiten to keep my teeth as bright as possible and see an orthodontist once a year to ensure that my teeth remain in proper alignment. Wearing a night retainer on both my top and bottom teeth also keeps my teeth pin-straight. I feel lost without my retainers and experts know that without regular use – years after braces are removed, teeth can shift and crowd. OMG, no!  Even as an adult, teeth are constantly on the move from aging and function. And it’s important to note that having straight teeth isn’t all about aesthetics –crooked teeth can create an added health risk because it is harder to floss and clean your teeth. Crooked teeth can also lead to cavities, gum disease, bleeding, and recession. So, get with the program, get with a reputable orthodontist and get straight – literally!



No question, we all gravitate toward those with nicer smiles. I spoke with leading orthodontist, Dr. Ross Segal of Segal and Iyer Orthodontists in Marlton (check them out at www.segalandiyer.com) to see what words of wisdom he had for me! Getting back to basics describes the newest philosophy in orthodontia treatment–he explained it as “treating to the face,” stressing the importance of the facial structure and striving to promote a smile that “fits” the face aesthetically as well as functionally.


Every individual is different and presents with a unique facial quality. Effective orthodontia seeks to create and maintain a facial balance that complements the face as a whole. He touted Invisalign procedures as being quite effective in working with even the most complicated cases without the need for surgery. Invisalign aligners are also offer the ease of removal for cleaning which is a real tool in keeping the teeth healthy and clean as well. Across the board, Invisalign seems to be the answer to your dream of straight, healthy teeth with much versatility in dealing with even the most complicated. Even traditional braces have matured over the years. Self-ligating braces are now available which remove the need for tightening the wires on a regular basis and relieve you of using those sometimes-dreaded rubber bands. Lower friction and force translates into less pain and shortened treatment time. If you’ve been on the fence about braces for yourself or your child, get the 411 on all the newest options available so you can make an informed decision then go full steam ahead on that personalized smile you’ve always wanted.


There’s a whole science devoted to the “smile” subject as well as a National Smile Month in May and June. What it comes down to is confidence. A warm smile exudes confidence and that is very appealing in of itself. Messages of the smile as nonverbal communication can “say” a lot about a person, and we all look for these non-verbal cues when interacting with others daily.



Science tells us something happens to the brain when we see a smile, the world’s most powerful emotional gesture. The smile really is really the window into one’s soul. And smiling stimulates the brain’s reward mechanism. So, reward yourself with a bright, straight, healthy smile and just see all the exciting places it takes you!

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