Sweet Apple Recipes

L’ Shanah Tovah to all of my fellow Jewish peeps! A is for “Awesome” – which I know will be the name of the game for me this New Year! It’s also for “Apple” – which is the fruit synonymous with the Jewish New Year because of its sweetness and the hope for a uber sweet New Year.


Along with fall comes a time of joy, new growth, life, and a renewal of spirit.  In case that’s a little too serious or too deep, let’s just skip to the next thought:  How about some fun apple snacks to help us celebrate Rosh Hashana? I just love this time of year!




Of course, you can always grab any apple you have on hand. it’s a perfect go-to snack!  I’ll borrow from this Food Network article..“There’s an Apple for that!”  Pretty much sums it up.   There are so many ways to present an apple..such a versatile snack.  For something a bit fancier than the “come as you are” version, make baked apples..I remember growing up devouring on a candied apple delight –  a glorious ruby, red apple stuffed with little cinnamon candies and water, – which was baked until a mushy soft masterpiece! I can still smell the delicious apple-cinnamon aroma wafting! Now, with slow cookers and crock pots, it’s even easier and less time-consuming…. let’s face it, anything that doesn’t have to be “babysat” in order to be prepared is a real plus – especially for those working, single mamas like moi!



For a great movie night nosh, feast your eyes on these fun and delicious apple nachos that your kids will just destroy!  (Thinking ahead…notice the slick segue into all things Thanksgiving???) Slice up a bunch of apples, simply arrange on a plate, throw on some mini chocolate chips and toffee chips, drizzle with caramel, even add crushed gingersnaps -a real crowd pleaser!  You won’t have to worry about clean up because there won’t be anything left!



If you have a couple of leftover items in the refrigerator that you’re getting tired of looking at, why not let the kids make up some apple “sandwiches” with whatever is on hand?   Core it and slice a few apples so you have apple circles, layer on some smoked turkey slices or peanut butter or cheese. Apple stacks are fun, easy, and can get your kids to sample a few different tastes all at once.  Creativity is the name of the game in keeping kids’ attention…they’ll enjoy this activity and need very little (if any) adult supervision.



When in doubt,  DIP!!! You can buy ready-made caramel sauce and chocolate sauce in the fruit aisle of your favorite grocery store (mine is Rastelli Market Fresh!)…just grab some gorgeous red and green varieties …and get down to the serious business of dipping.  It will keep everyone busy, happy, and keep those little hands occupied, albeit sticky, for a while!


Wishing everyone out there a very happy and healthy New Year! xo

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