Summer Spirits

Can you feel the heat? This week’s heatwave coupled by the onset of even hotter temps this workweek literally takes my breath away! But it’s the perfect excuse to chill and enjoy a spirited summer refresher! I’m always looking to add a new twist to an oldie but goody – a take on something citrusy prepare for newfound fun in the sun with these sips and spirits, that are sure to perk up any end of summer soirée.

pain in the ass

One of my recent weekend escapes to the shore tempted me to try a few new really fun drinks..the names alone will make you smile in anticipation of a great time. “Pain in de Ass” consists of multiple layers of frozen rum runner and pina addition to a uniquely noteworthy title you won’t soon forget…even though you might want to!

dirty banana
If you’re into fruit and coffee favors, try this “Dirty Banana” treat. It’s a frozen blend of banana and coffee liqueurs, cream, and ripe bananas. Surely, by the end of summer, you will have no idea what to do with all those healthy bananas you bought that are now overripe, turning brown or worse! Here’s a fun way to use them up.

Now I just adore champagne and I’m always looking for that perfect champagne cocktail, never ignore the pop, pop, fizz, fizz! Found a few, which use easy, everyday ingredients you probably already have on hand…like this quick and easy lemon recipe which uses frozen lemonade concentrate, rose champagne, vodka, and a hint of mint…how could it miss?? I can almost taste its tart tingle..the perfect pick me up at the end of a hot summer day.Or make a splash with Fluffy Tea…a few ounces of Firefly Sweet Tea vodka, ad a bit of lemonade and top it off with a few freshly cut up lemons. Wow!



And one of my favorite summer-go-to after-beach refreshers is a margarita, and even cooler than the old-school version- a Lime a Rita, exciting margarita flavors mixed with a hint of Bud Light lime for a refreshing finish to any evening.


Hesitate to use the F word…FALL !, but online I stumbled upon a limited release of Bogle Phantom Red wine. An affordable red blend with seasonal boysenberry, spicy oak, and, of all things, hints of pipe tobacco (with no smoke, of course!) . Bewitching!  All the flavor you could hope for in a wine designed to slip you effortlessly into autumn.

If you’re really feel decadent (or desperate to hang onto summer) nothing says summertime like a perfectly pink glass of real French rose wine…infused with white chocolate and blended with crystallized rose petals! Sweet and sultry all at the same time! Cheers!
So with the hot summer sun waning, I’m looking forward to the cool breezes and changing leaves of fall…hope you’ll join me as we explore some “cooler” subjects in the next few weeks.

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