Spring Flings


Ladies: Listen up – spring is just around the corner but for the next few weeks… the freeze shall continue. That said: let’s gear up, pack up and head straight for your spring fling! Who’s in need of a get-away – I know I’ve been tired of winter since the first cold blasts back in November! So, check out these “not so obvious” weekend exposes, where you’ll find warmer, relaxing venues to shake off the winter doldrums. 


I’m sure you’ve already heard of people raving about Sedona, Arizona and there’s certainly a lot to rave about in this city! It is so beautiful that a trip there is almost a spiritual journey.  Lush scenery, beautiful spas, gardens, architecture, shops and boutiques are everywhere not to mention the incredible WEATHER! One stroll on the red sand formations will turn even the most devoted big city lover into a laid back, relaxed, newly spiritually aware person of nature.




Looking for the fresh catch of the day?  Fish, I’m referring to here – not moi. (A little blogger joke.) If you don’t mind a bit of unpredictability in the rain department — you can really kick back and enjoy the ambiance of Newport, Oregon as you get some spring in your step. The gorgeous coastline alone will have you entranced and you can take it a bit further with some beach combing and even surfing! You’ll feel up to anything in these gorgeous surroundings and you’ll certainly be taking lots of pictures to post for all to see.




Go north to Stowe, Vermont for a sweet taste of spring literally!  Spring is maple-sugaring time there and I can just imagine waking up to the smell of fluffy pancakes on the grill then drenching them in warm maple syrup… yum!  It’s romantic and relaxing. And a little trivia: This is where Maria Von Trapp bought her U.S. home. It’s lush with expanses of rolling hills against the backdrop of Mt. Mansfield – simply lovely.




Head down south and check out Savannah, Georgia. I’ve always wanted to visit this gorgeous retreat – I almost called it home back in my TV news days too.  You’re bound to do a lot of walking to get a real feel for the city.  Twenty historic public squares are filled with greenery, walking paths, beautiful historic homes, lush gardens and the requisite weeping willows (my personal favorite tree!) await your glances. Then, stop in for real Southern style cuisine at one of the many restaurants which are world renowned.  So much to take in but take your time to relish every minute!




Looking to head out west –Monterey, California beckons with its own vibrant life on the water. You can sit at a seaside restaurant and just, well, sit. You may even get lucky and catch a glimpse of the occasional grey whale on its way to Mexico. It’s incredibly soothing to soak in the natural beauty and serenity of the area and after a long hard winter I think we could all appreciate the change of pace.




So, whether you set your sights north, south, east, or west – it’s time to look toward an April excursion.  Choose your destination and your companion and let me know what you think if my suggestions!  Maybe I’ll even see you there!

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