Silky Skin

It’s our most prized possession – as we have more of it than anything else. Skin. And it’s time to salvage it!  Now that the warm weather has faded and we’re less inclined to slather on the sunscreen, (which we still should!) we turn our faces toward the frigid air—and find ways to protect and defend our skin from the harsh elements.   Wind and snow are on the horizon, so you’ll need innovative ways to attain that healthy, glowing skin we’re always searching for!


First things first, it’s important to know why winter wonderlands——can affect your skin.  During the winter months and amid freezing temperatures, low humidity reigns supreme.  Your skin tends to be the driest in the winter because that’s when temps and humidity levels fall.  And indoors skin conditions can be even worse with the dry heater on full blast day in and day out. So, just as you swap your shorts for your sweaters, you need to switch up the skin regimen too.


First and foremost, swap out your face wash for a milk-based cleanser ASAP!  I adore my Avene Tolerance Extreme Eau Thermale and count on it to preserve and protect my delicate skin.  Everyone’s skin deserves indulgence, especially this time of year, and it’s all right there for you at  It’s soothing for anytime skin needs extra nourishment without any added greasiness so get onboard and feel delicious day or night.   And be sure to take a peek at their amazing A-Oxitive Antioxidant Water Cream…timed release vitamins A and C neutralize the harm done by environmental and lifestyle stressors. This lightweight water-cream is rich in hydrating agents and enhanced with unusual mother of pearl for a truly radiant and illuminated glow.


I love anything with shea butter in it, so I was immediately drawn into this perfect Shea Light Comforting Cream by L’Occitane USA!  This silly and non/greasy cream is formulated with only a very small percentage of Shea butter to answer the essential needs of normal to combination skin, even sensitive skin types.  Just go to for this great find.


You’ll fall in love with La Mer moisturizing cool gel cream at Sephora.  It’s formulated for every complexion and infused with cell renewing nourishing” Moisture Broth.” It will infuse your skin with sea-sourced renewing benefits, which helps smooth the look of imperfections.  Lime tea, La Mer’s antioxidant powerhouse, helps protect against environmental stress and pollution for a truly pure glow.


And at the Kiehl’s counter, the Ultra Facial cream is one of my go-to’s.  It helps reduce moisture loss and continuously hydrated skin throughout the day and into the night.  They promise 24-hour continuous moisture care and they’ve been around since 1851 so they should know!


I’ve been checking out the Puristry line of skin care products and I must admit I’m super excited about their Restorative Facial Oil, which has become a personal essential for the winter months.  This formula is a real dry skin fixer, especially when paired with trusty Seaberry moisturizer.  Enjoy the joy!!  Both available at


Also: be sure to drink up! Drinking lots of H2O in the winter is almost if not more important than in the summer – it’s essential to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. And don’t forget I’m always interested in hearing all about your beauty routine adventures! 💕💕

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