Stylish Scarves!

That’s a wrap! And I’m not talking about the holidays now far behind us – I’m talking about the polar vortex that has descended on much of the country! Simply put – changes are headed our way – it’s very COLD outside wherever you are!


Now that I’ve got you all set with gloves and earmuffs …hope you’ve been paying close attention! I need to bring you up to speed on another approach to fighting the frigid weather. I know that every year around this time I begin my struggle to close that annoying gap between my coat and my neck so I can really feel warm and toasty. You certainly don’t need magic to magically shore up that exposed area – all you need are some savvy fashion accessories!



Everyone needs a scarf to line the neckline in the frigid air.  Simply check out Gap/Banana Republic to peruse their beautifully varied selection of scarves. They have just the one you need at a very affordable price point. Go outside your comfort zone and pick up this Painterly floral scarf in pinks or pale green…. big change from the routine! If you’re too cold to be adventurous that day, grab an Italian cashmere blend ribbed or cabled-knit scarf. Take your choice of a multitude of perfect colors. Loved this hyacinth blue and neon coral, but you can also be on the right track with the toned down solid greys and neutrals!



Neiman Marcus is featuring a new take on an old familiar trademark pattern. Check out this Burberry gauze check scarf in blue this year. In wool and mulberry silk with eyelash fringe ends, it’s eye-catching and trendy and makes a great addition to your winter wardrobe. Winter?? Who said winter?? Grab this great scarf and simply laugh at the frigid temps!



Love, love this multicolored brightly patterned dyed fox fur scarf from Jocelyn which stands out from the crowd and yet blends in with all things neutral as well. Warm and fuzzy and fun!



Saving the best for last: I fell hard for this wild beast mohair and wool scarf from Coach. It’s soft, warm, and sexy in a camo take on a muted melted leopard pattern. It even comes complete with a convenient and thoughtfully placed leather loop to secure it against that nasty draft!



Sure, it’s nice to sit in my warm house or office and peer outside at the all the snow and ice, but we all must brave the cold at one point or another. Giving you fair warning…and making sure you have lots of ideas in mind for gearing up against the cold. When in doubt go out and SHOP! Just this once, don’t think essentials, think accessories – and make sure you’re all prepared to look fabulous throughout the winter months ahead! Only about three more months to go! 🙂

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