Puffer Coats

So, it’s finally feeling like fall! I’m personally not a fan of the frigid temps but it’s always fun to breakout those coveted coverings. This season’s must-get: a picture-perfect puffer! We saw it last season and one the one before and this year they’re even stronger than ever. They’ll keep you snuggly warm and looking chic at the same time. Two-for!


Winter wouldn’t be winter without a puffer coat from my favorite designer, Moncler! Just love the long, lean look of this MOKA one which is a brand, new addition to the line. And what better way to evoke the delights of snowy days and cozy nights than with this winter-white with black contrast piping puffer? To balance things out (or if you have toddlers around who like to sneak up behind you and cover you with sticky hugs and kisses!) it is also available in black with ivory piping- just to be on the safe side! Love the high funnel neck and detachable hood, too! Its’ built-in insurance against any kind of winter weather when you set out for the day. When the forecast is for cold and wet weather, this coat just screams out “choose me” when you open your closet door and peer in! (It also screams out “choose me!” when peering down the coat racks at Saks, Neiman Marcus or another haute happening!)


Nordstrom is featuring my go-to favorite, a Canada Goose “Brookvale” hooded quilted down jacket..love, love the ruby red color. You certainly won’t get lost in a snowdrift with this one on!! This kind of reminds me of what Santa would wear if he were so inclined!! Rudolph would approve, I’m sure!


Another one of my favorite snow staples is the NorthFace Thermoball vest. It will give you great coverage and surely to keep you warm through the winter months…and stylishly fitted as well. Love the diagonal closure which makes this vest stand out from the crowd and it comes in an array of luscious colors sure to make you forget about the cold! Balsam green, high risk red, black Donegal print, cerise pink and cosmic blue are some of the color options.


Okay, so I’ll admit I’m a sucker for anything SAM! Saks is featuring a great selection of this line. I’m partial to the belted puffer jacket with detachable fur trim hood in military green. (a must-have hue of the season, FYI) I love the side and sleeve zipper accents – which lend some pizzazz and the self-tapering belt to show off your waistline. It’s so warm and cozy, you’ll be living in it through the winter.

So much for winter doldrums! Try one of these fun and functional puffers on for size! Who says you can’t be uber stylish and uber warm at the same time???

I’d love to hear back from readers out there..don’t hesitate to let me know what you think! The good, the bad and the great – give this girl a shout!

Enjoy and have fun as you welcome in the winter wonderland nipping at our heels! (stiletto ones, of course!) xo

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