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Can you smell the roses or is that your wrist? I love, love the soft scent of perfume and am certain most of the men in our lives do too! And to keep your beau on his toes – you should treat your perfume like you do your wardrobe and change it up with each season! After all, your personality changes from time to time, so why not your scent? Since warmer weather tends to change your skin chemistry, you might notice that the fragrance you counted on in the winter months might simply be too heavy and overpowering for summer. From celebrity to boutique, and every “stage” in between, I’ve spent some time rounding up the sexiest, trendiest newest scents that will leave you smelling sweet. Your assignment?? Just choose your favorite, warm up to our favorite new summery scents and start spritzing away!


Top choice for summer 2017: citrusy scents! Light and airy, cool and carefree-that’s how you’ll play it this season. My pick: Tom Ford’s Fleur de Portofino All Over Body Spray at



Or check out QVC for CLEAN Lovegrass, a surprisingly refreshing blend of powdery orris, dewy green notes and a splash of sour citrus to set it apart from all others!



Love the feel and aroma of crisp, clean bedding, especially when they’ve been hanging outside to dry in the breeze? (Ahhhhh!) Then you’ll adore Aerin Linen Rose eau de cologne, also at Sephora.



Want the wonderful sensation of sipping from a glass of fresh-squeezed, icy lemonade? Here’s the next best thing: The citrus and rose equivalent in Sisley Paris Izia Eau de Parfum. You can get it at Saks and you’ll be wearing it all summer from day into the evening hours. How romantic can you get?



And we can’t forget my personal go-to fragrance! My real one-and-only love is my all-time favorite is Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb. Macy’s carries it in a fun twin pack travel duo, which is great for all your summer plans! Pack the Eau de Parfum and easy refill and funnel and you’re good to go, or splurge for the look of the limited edition crystal version! Whichever “speaks” to you – trailing with you the magical floral scent of a profusion of flowers with just the hint of the Orient …your own secret garden delight! What fun!

 And while you’re at the counter, pick up a bottle of Viktor & Rolf Magic Liquid Diamonds – don’t you just love the descriptive name? It’s just the lightest, airiest, and deepest take on a pink pepper, jasmine, rose and patchouli scent ever created! A little pricey but worth every heavenly “cent…”. pun intended!



Linda Rodin tried –and succeeded – in channeling her inner 70’s woman when she created her signature breezy fresh scent of jasmine, geranium, and ylang ylang…as soft and comforting as it is exciting!



Still can’t decide? Tip the scales in your favor with the timeless elegance of Tiffany. I can’t say enough about this fragrance. It makes me feel happy, sexy, and lighthearted. And it’s my got-to for all fancier festivities I dress-up for. Its luxurious floral bouquet of damascene rose, Indian jasmine, ylang ylang, fleur d’orange and iris – such sophistication.

I recently made a fascinating discovery with Diptyque Paris Philosykos Solid Perfume. Inspired by the warm seductive scent if Mediterranean fig trees, this earthy fragrance combines white cedar and ripe fruit along with lush, leafy notes. As a solid, and perfect for traveling or quick touch-ups, it’s subtle from afar but altogether intoxicating for the one lucky enough to get a closer brush of it…and you!



Women have understood for centuries that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory–we’ve all had that experience of the smell of something, more than any other sensual experience, can magically take you back to a specific place and time. So powerful and never to be forgotten! We want people to think of us when they catch a scent of our perfume! It never hurts to run full force toward summer and leave a breathy trail of attractive aromas behind! So, grab your favorite scent and your towel and beach bag and my guess is you’ll be on the right track for all things summer! Already in vacation mode? Same – so get ready to soak up the sun and scent of summer!

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