The Perfect Gifts for Kids!

I adore the holiday me a good reason to shop, not that I need an excuse for the rest of the year, but it provides a good cover for what I most like to do year-round!

As a mommy to two crazy kids, I thoroughly enjoy holiday shopping for gifts to make their sweet faces light up. Each year comes with a must-have toy any kid would give his right hand for. Back in my day, it was the Cabbage Patch doll. So I did some digging to ensure your little guy or girl gets the gift they’ll remember for decades to come.


Here are a few suggestions for various age groups…I’m sure you’ll see someone in each group to shop for!



Toddlers can be extremely fun and challenging to buy for at the same time. They’re too young to make that special list (maybe that’s a good thing, when I see my daughter’s ever-growing list!) and too distracted to take shopping with you. The Leap Frog My Pal is one of the most popular toys this year…this model comes in violet for girls and green for boys and can even be personalized- and we all love things with our names on them!



For the kindergarten-aged tyke: go for starter Lego set to put a quick smile on little face! This deluxe Lego set has all the moves for great entertainment and learning for your little one. Just let their imagination take hold and make sure to make a fuss over each creation!



For an elementary school- aged child, I happened upon this American Girl Mega Block Mansion – it’s such fun to set up your own two story house with all the accouterments. You can also switch it up to building and furnishing a “sweet” patisserie with a rooftop bedroom…and who wouldn’t love that? Can’t wait to see my daughter having fun and creating dreams with this one! Talk about building castles in the sky!



Can’t forget the young “man” on your list – with Star Wars all the rage this year, I highly recommend this free app controlled Sphero Droid Robot…sure to please. Just don’t get in his way! Featuring adaptive personality and holographic characteristics to personalize the Star Wars experience. They’ll have fun for hours on end!




My son, Julian, can’t get enough of his magnetic blocks. His unending energy level comes to a screeching halt when he sits down to build and explore. This jumbo version, the Magnetic Stick N Stack 100-piece Classic Plus Set from Toy Genius would be a dream come true for my little guy! With wheels, doors and various fun-shaped pieces – this magnetic building-block puzzle of sorts will keep any kid busy for hours on end! And that’s a gift to mom or dad too!


No matter what’s under your tree, stuffed in their stocking or situated by your menorah– always remember to convey the real meaning of the holiday season as your “Babes in Toy Land” tear open their most prized presents – love and good cheer are the best gifts of all!

Happy Holidays – sending your warmth, love and peace!


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