Mother’s Day Musts

Without a doubt – we will never be able to repay our moms for all the unconditional love, nurturing and confidence she bestowed upon us – but a little Chanel, perfume or flowers can’t hurt!!


 I’m always on the lookout for unusual gifts and I’ve already scoured the shops and websites to save you time.  M-day is only a week away – and time is of the essence! So, get moving! Delight her and make the day memorable!



I always check out the Uncommon Goods site ( for great personalized gifts. I’ve already purchased this for someone special in my life and you can, too: The Circle of Life Nesting Rings are portrayed in a very simple, very interesting way – the large gold circle is the standard “base” then you can layer on the number of graduated silver hoops that fits your family’s description.  Sure to please…and your recipient will love the attention it garners when people stop to ask what the circles represent.  It’s a sure-fire choice for someone you love!



Why not keep her guessing this year?  Not about your love or good intentions, but she’ll have fun guessing what she’ll unwrap each month when this “Try the World” subscription box gift assortment! It includes unusual offerings from around the globe. They’re all hand- selected by international chefs. The treat will keep mom on her toes and your thoughtfulness foremost in her heart and mind. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!



Take it one step further and profess your undying love with a gift of reading! Her love of books will be enhanced with this very affordable Kindle Paperwhite. It’s easy to load, easy on the eyes…easy to love!  And she’ll really appreciate the one who thought of this every time she picks up a “book!” 



I really adore this soft, personalized sweatshirt fleece blanket with a cutout heart of love…add names that are already unforgettable to her and you will have come up with a sentimental present that will keep her cozy and smiling all year long.  And even when it’s warm and she doesn’t “need” a blanket, she can show it off as a decorative throw draped over the arm of the sofa or across the foot of the bed…voila! Thanks to you, she now has a new decorating trend going for her!


Bored with sending the same bouquets of flowers?   I always love decorating with hanging baskets instead.  They’re available in almost every store this spring – they’re beautiful and they’re very valuable to Moms!  Pick up a few, hang them outside her door, ring the bell, and watch her open the door and smile with surprise! 


If you’re the daughter of an amazing mother, you’ll want to pick out this mother-daughter letter box set: the gift that screams “choose me, choose me!”  You’ll be taking the time all year to pen thoughtful messages back and forth in journal form, sharing feelings and emotions – and sharing your time.  What a true gift!   You’ll look back on these notes for years to come with affection and joy.

By definition, Mother’s Day calls for that extra bit of added attention for the Mom in your life, even if it’s you!  Plan a fun, relaxing (and even exciting!) day and take a pause to sincerely thank the mother or mother figure in your life for all she’s done.  These memories you create will last a lifetime and I wish for all of you a lovely day with those you love and love you back!   

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