How savvy is your smart phone? I’ve gone through so many phones and so many cases that it makes me ill even thinking about it! But it may not all be a wash – hoping one of you may learn from my mistakes. Having an iPhone is a lot like having a child or a pet…simply put, it’s an invaluable tool, and certainly your main job now is to protect it from harm. First things first: when you’re in survival mode, up against a deadline or preparing for that conference call on the run, you need your phone ASAP – and in prime performance shape so protect it at all cost and hopefully it won’t cost you to replace it anytime soon. Here are a few suggestions for cases I can recommend, that will help you do just that with flair and fashion – which is just about as important as the level of protection itself!


My personal favorite is the Bandolier phone case cover which can be worn as a cross-body. I can’t even begin to tell you how well it has worked for me! Because my calendar is full of appointments and events; I found myself constantly reaching for (and missing!) my phone. Forget about dropped calls – my issue was dropped phones! After dealing with way too many cracked cases and screens I discovered this gem. I chose the black Natalie style with gold studs and what a lifesaver (and phone saver) it has been! There’s also a Belinda style with a gold chain that’s so attractive as well as versatile. From personal experience, I highly recommend Bandolier, especially for busy people on the go, go, go!


If you’re not as hard in your phone as I am, maybe go for more bling than body armor!! Love this ultr-thin shiny glitter rhinestone soft case from Modern Accessory on the web. It comes in every size imaginable. Also: it’s super cool and easy to find ensconced in the bottom on your purse.


Pluto99 carries a shockproof ultra-thin hard phone case in several colors like black and pink. Leather is very professional looking and it does a great job at protecting your assets, as well.


For a taste of real fun, with the holidays right around the corner, why not lend some attention to this unusual snow globe glitter effect from CaseMate, Naked Tough Waterfall? Really different…really exciting – really YOU!

Dial it up…style it up…phone cases are a must-have for everyone, no matter what your lifestyle, work style, or attention to fashion. Industrial style or going all out for the attention getting…these days a great phone case is almost as important as the actual phone itself, so you might as well grab some compliments along the way as you complement your new phone!

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