Holiday Makeup

Like most women, I’m a little ashamed to admit: I have an unmanageable collection of cosmetics in my possession at any given time.. like a junk drawer in the kitchen, there is no rhyme or reason why. It’s probably thanks to my decade in television news – pounding on foundation, ruby red blush and lathering up my lashes with thick, black mascara so that the harsh, stark studio lights didn’t turn my naturally dewy complexion into pasty-white.


So, I decided to “face” this thing head-on and get some tips from the best, an honest-to-goodness makeup artist. I spent some time chatting with Laini Bianculli, CEO at Style with Laini and Laini Cosmetics and I wanted to pass along her makeup “tricks of the trade” to see you through the holidays and beyond. New takes on new techniques…we’re back to the future this time around!


The holiday trend this year is characterized by what Laini has dubbed her metallic matte palette…showcasing golds and silvers, along with the newly popular rose golds with just a hint or undertone of color. It’s perfect for deciding at the last moment whether to go colder or warmer depending on your skin tone. For once, instead of bold, she suggests making a statement by toning down and staying soft! You can incorporate color but stay subtle rather than bold for holiday occasions. Matte makeup is perfect for being highly pigmented but not heavily glossed, toned down while staying with a creamy rather than dry texture…perfect for all skin tones and all ages.




Holiday lip color this season is leaning toward wines (Yass!), Merlot, and Bordeaux hues while keeping with the metallic trend for a natural flow that complements all skin tones. Most women have a difficult time finding the right red for their lips, but these softer hues tend to work well effortlessly.




From eyes, down to lips, just go with that flow! Cheeks should be kept soft as well, with a natural flush that belies the excitement of the days to come.




Here’s a great idea for the holidays – go opposite! That is, if you do shimmer on your cheeks and your lips, keep your eyes within the matte palette. Stay away from a monochromatic look…above all, keep it interesting, different, and fun!


So, go all out for every occasion …Keep all eyes on you and don’t be afraid to experiment with color to capture your holiday glow and keep it going into the New Year! Instead of the usual admonition “don’t try this at home,” I invite you to try this at home …and, as always, let me know what you think and what works for you!

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