Golden Globe Glamorous!

It’s the Super Bowl of Fashion! Award season is officially in full-swing with the 74th Golden Globes Awards taking place last Sunday night and the upcoming SAG Awards on January 29th (early birthday present to me!) I must admit: I am obsessed with the Red-Carpet coverage – sometimes even more so that the actual show itself! From Moonlight to Manchester by the Sea, Amy Adams to Ryan Gosling…how well did you predict the movies and actors and actresses must likely to triumph?

The stars are judged sometimes just as harshly on the step-and-repeat as they are by the various academies making the decisions. They take sometimes month-long steps to ensure a picture-perfect silhouette and face. Not surprisingly, the “perfection” before you on TV or in movies is often helped along with professional – and often medical- help! Cherry Hill plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Davis of Davis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is the one to go to for all things beautiful. So naturally, he’s the go-to in order to get the scoop on what the celebs likely did to primp. Stay tuned to find out how your fave celebs were getting red carpet ready!!!

Here’s the scenario… you get nominated for a Golden Globe and have one month to get your act together, so to speak, before the big night. What do you do first? Well, after you jump for joy and go out for a drink to celebrate your mind might turn to planning some physical enhancements to enhance your big night. Here’s Dr. Davis’ speculation on what “quick fix” procedures might have been chosen within the given time frame. He takes a two-prong approach to his medical specialty, acknowledging that it’s all about choices..very personal choices about whether to undertake a surgically invasive office procedure or opt for a do-it-yourself approach, always keeping the time element in mind.

Perhaps Emma Stone wanted to enhance her lips: a Volbella lip-filling office procedure would certainly do the trick. Along the same lines, the use of an at-home lip plumper by NuGenisis might be just what the doctor ordered!

Or Meryl Streep might have opted for Botox injections..but good results could also be achieved with the use of L’Oréal Revitalift Triple Power Eye Treatment to get the results she was looking for.

Let’s look at Denzel Washington, now..yes..absolutely!! To smooth out those abs and love handles he may have looked toward a FLASH procedure in the office..FLASH being an acronym for “Fat Lipo Away Same Hour.”.. or choose a regimen of Vaseline Renewal Age Redefining body lotion which is very effective in achieving excellent results.

Viola Davis may have viewed her neck as a hot spot, going for Kybella, an injection which actually dissolves fat (WOW!) or simply applying Nectifirm, available on the Davis CPS website, at home, while Jeff Bridges may have gone for a light laser peel under a doctor’s care or considered the addition of Dr. Davis’ specially formulated Rx gloss-sum pads for use in the privacy of home. Nectifirm and the Rx-gloss-sum pads are both available on Davis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery’s estore.

As Dr. Davis so aptly puts it, it’s really all about choices and the opportunity to make informed decisions which also happen to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Many of the procedures we’ve mentioned are fairly new, having only recently been approved by the FDA there’s that key word again..choices. There’s a brave new world out there with innovations in plastic surgery and especially non-invasive procedures which are efficacious and can find a good fit in anyone’s lifestyle. “Try it, you’ll like it” has never been more true! And don’t forget to keep me in the loop as you experiment with these options I’ve featured! I always love to get feedback from my audience…to hear firsthand what you think is a hit or a miss! xo

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