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Vive la difference, as they say in Paris –the pinnacle of fashion.  If you’re like me and march to the beat to your own drum – just follow my lead to a few suggestions on how to pull off a look with a real panache!


Just like every other year, 2018 will be focusing on some serious throwback trends, when it comes to both fashion and beauty.  While 2016 was all about the 90’s and 2015 was obsessed with the 70’s, this year things are getting a little bit more “out there. Now we’re entering the era reminiscent of a trend mix from the 80’s, early 2000’s with a splash of the 90’s.


We’re only a few weeks into 2018 and already it’s clear that style-wise things are changing and emerging – a lot.  Say goodbye to crop tops, off-the-shoulder numbers and white sneakers. While incredibly popular the last few years, instead you to welcome some new, unique trends pushing their way in!


Check out Bella Hadid in this adorable newsboy hat that seems to be hitting all the high notes these days.



Very long nails are also in your furthest, like it or not!  Yes, insanely long clay-like nails are a “thing” now so prepare yourself! (ugh!)



Dig up your old fishnets – because they’re back with a vengeance.  They look uber sexy layered under a pair of fabulous distressed denim!



Never thought it would happen, but we are turning again to Tommy! Vintage-inspired Tommy Hilfiger is quite coveted this season as are a variety of athleisure brands. Stars like Gigi Hadid are often spotted in the threads by Nike, Guess and Adidas. In fact, tracksuits in general are sizzling hot right now!



And pair that tracksuit up with an incredible statement tee –  one that says something profound!


And you likely won’t see them on me, but Crocs are rocking again.  Choose your fave color and go with it! If you want to take it a step further – platform shoes are back, even in the athletic department. This insanely clunky trend is, well, insane…but fun for sure! Just look at these Mermaid Lala platforms! They have everything a girl could want: color, design, and… sequins – such fun!!!



Do be an adventurous and advantageous fashionista so you don’t flop!


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