Eyelash Envy


Eyes are all the envy! There is no way to better highlight the eyes than adding eyelash extensions!  I recently had my already long lashes made even more luscious by Patty Tejera at Le Reve Salon and Barber Shop/Dream Spa and Waxing. She’s the eyelash goddess and spa manager there and she filled me in on all the latest and greatest eyelashes techniques. And, of course, I’m passing her deepest darkest secrets right along to you!



Did somebody say, “fill me in?”  That’s exactly what we’re talking about here – these are not those old-school false eyelashes! Today’s extensions open a brave new world of fun, flair, and fashion. Springtime is just the right time to take a chance on loving your new trendy look.


Most women don’t have the time or patience to apply false eyelashes on a daily basis, so going for a semi-permanent solution is key. That said: eyelash extensions are not a “quick fix” by any means.  In the past, false eyelashes were simply glued on and only lasted for a short time.  Extensions are independently attached to each individual natural lash and can last for about a month – with bi-weekly to three week’s interval touch ups or “fills.” Just think about waking up in the morning, throwing on some bronzer and lipstick – and you’re good to go…I could hardly believe how it simplified my beauty regimen!   Add to that the fun of being on the receiving end of lots of compliments and you’ll never go back to your “naked” lashes again!



First rule of thumb–for anything new, for that matter–is to find a trained and licensed aesthetician.  Do your research to find the right salon and the right operator. Never skimp on that step – no matter what procedure you’re having done, especially for the first time!  It’s always a good thing to ask for a full explanation of the procedure you’re having done too. Having a complete “feel” for what’s being done will serve you well as you contemplate the outcome and will make the whole experience much more enjoyable. Once you take the time to do your research and debunk any myths, you can put yourself in good hands and relax and enjoy the ride!


Eyelash extensions are simply that – single hairs which get applied to each natural lash hair using a high-quality medical grade adhesive.  The extensions can be ordered in either mink or a synthetic material which is “mink- like.”



3-D lashes are the latest on the lash lane. The trick here is that three individual eyelash extension hairs are fused to one base and attached to each natural eyelash hair. No additional weight is added, but you’d be amazed at the added volume and enhanced appearance of this technique.



The beauty regimens of the Red Carpet are becoming increasingly available to all of us and that’s a great fashion stride!  Spring is fast approaching…flowers are blooming so ‘tis the time for you to come out of your cocoon too and hit the runway with something new and fabulous to frame your face.  I promise you everyone will raise an eyebrow! 😊   xo

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