Crazy Trends

Beauty has no boundaries or rules when it comes to experimenting. After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This isn’t exactly a fad I am ever going to attempt but I have full admiration for those brave enough to rock the new and growing toilette paper push! Those who don it say toilet paper can be a simple, easy, and inexpensive tool especially when no one else is looking!



Looking at the lips:  Toilet paper lips have officially become a thing! There is a new trend toward finding new and different ways to wear lipstick and now you can put your roll of TP to your mouth!  Try this–use eyelash glue to attach a thin square of toilet paper to your lips – use a toothpick to peel up and raise it in some places for texture and depth, then use your usual gloss or lip color and …voila!!!  It’s crazy and odd, yes, but also fun, futuristic and fashionable!


Moving right along to hair – I’ve noticed a new and very effective technique to curl your hair with ease and very few steps. The best part – you can achieve the look without resorting to using hot irons or other thermal products that can really damage healthful tresses.  Simply take three joined squares of toilet paper, fold them in half, and take sections of the hair which can be twisted and intertwined with the TP all the way up toward the scalp. Now, loosely knot each section and continue until all the hair is rolled up. In the AM: just undo everything and you’ll be good to go with soft, luxurious cascading curls. It couldn’t be easier!



From the makeup mirror to the runway: Quilted Northern recently held a competition that had contestants submitting gorgeous ‘couture” bridal gowns made solely of toilet paper.  Gowns came out unbelievably beautiful, intricate and unusual – who would have thought?  Cheap chic is in across the board…and you can easily see the lengths some people will go to prove that theory!



Just when you thought this craziness was over, I’ll throw in one last tidbit of info–for a quick at home pedicure, toilet paper can be your best defense!  If you’re short on professional tools such as toe separators to do the job, simply reach for a strand of toilet paper about the length of your forearm, twist it tightly, then weave between your toes.  It’s simple and inexpensive, this technique will give you enough separation to prevent an accidental polish smear – Amen!




Taken with a grain of salt or two, it’s fun to at least give some recognition to trends that are new and different. Send me your “crazy” ideas and we can explore whether they’re really that strange after all! Cheers!


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