Bikini Ready Body!

If you start right now–as in TODAY! –the pros at Lifetime Athletic in Mount Laurel, NJ – and soon-to-be coming to King of Prussia, Fort Washington and Ardmore, PA (hooray!), can get you bikini-ready by opening day of summer beach fun – also known as the Friday before Memorial Day! Start your workout this minute and you’ll be good to go when you pull your “hautest” bikini out of the drawer. You will own the beach this summer!


Life Time’s physique fixture, Alisha Neville – who is a trainer and movement specialist as well as a fitness instructor, has lots of profound thoughts about bikini-ready fitness! She says to start with WATER– and lots of it to flush out the body. Agua helps with detoxification and keeps cravings at bay. Hydration comes from within, so drink, drink, drink that water!


Next must-do: eat clean. If it’s naturally made – go for it! If it’s not – steer clear!

Pound the protein…lean meats, eggs, fish and complete protein combinations from vegetables are the way to go. Also: whey or vegan protein shakes can help maintain lean muscle mass and metabolize body fat/calories better.


Scale back on refined flour, sugar, salt and dairy foods. This is a tough nut to crack (!) because sugar is hidden in so many seemingly harmless products like yogurt, cheese and a plethora of low-fat options – especially in baked goods.


This is eyebrow-raising: some veggies, while certainly good for you, can expand your waistline as they are digested. Be aware that digestion takes time and foods eaten 24 to 48-hours before your beach debut can cause major issues! Fiber overload, simple carbs and sports protein bars can be full of compounds that cause bloating so go as natural with minimal ingredients as possible. An added precaution: just before beach day try to avoid foods like beans, lentils, peanuts, broccoli, cabbage and onions. You should take barley, rye and wheat off your list as well!



Once your diet is determined – gear up for some hardcore strength resistance training. It’s all about the heart rate! Neville advises that you must increase your lean muscle mass to see a defined overall body tone. Keep in mind that muscle is not heavier than fat. Muscle is just more compact and dense and takes up less space in the body–giving the appearance of a smaller, leaner, or thinner frame.


Next – some smart cardio training is the trick! It’s all in the heart rate zone here too. Women, especially those who are taking spin, group fitness classes or doing extra cardio/running/elliptical, often will get extremely frustrated with the lack of change in their bodies. This is common when one is putting so much effort into cardio training alone. If you train at too high a heart rate you will burn carbs and then that much-needed muscle mass. (You need to keep your muscle to burn calories!) You might be unknowingly over doing it.  You also need to teach your body to be more efficient in utilizing body fat rather than carbs and muscle as an energy source. Using body fat to fuel your workouts is key to reshaping your body into a lean and tight bikini- ready beach babe!


Confidence Counts! Embrace the body you have, find a suit that flatters you the most, be positive and then rock it! Confidence on the beach will be your most attractive and asset yet.


Looking forward to sharing a sultry spring and summer with all of you! In the interim, start working toward your fitness and appearance goals and check back for more advice soon! xo

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