Belmont Stakes Style

I can hardly wait! This Saturday I will be going to my first-ever live horse race – the Belmont Stakes. Not only is the buzz about the Triple Crown possibility enthralling, the fashions which await me are enough to make me jump up and scream with joy!


I’ll be there in my fashion finest – posh hat and all. I even have my coveted pearls packed and ready to go! I’ll be joined by a posh posse, so I must set an excellent example!


My attire is a surprise but, in the meantime, I’ll share some of my favorite finds I pondered along the way: I found this amazing colorful, floppy organza number with pastel feathers at  Just add polka dots and you’re ready to run with the best of them!



Buying a dramatic hat should be lots of fun so just follow me. Remember…it’s not just a hat, it’s an attitude for that day! Wear a great capper and be treated like the lady of the day that you are. National television seems to show as much coverage of your head coverings as the actual horses and the race…so who needs a reason to look fanciful as well as stunning?


Hat designers around the Manhattan are offering a host of fashionable options for all who plan on donning their racetrack best when galloping over to see the 2018 Belmont running. Christine A. Moore Millinery showcases her designer hats like this in her Midtown hat studio.



Rows and rows of hats are on display, ready to be tried on and purchased right off the rack as an impulse buy.  They range from summer inspired large straw hats to small feathered fascinators, and all made from natural materials including straw, feathers, silk, and tulle as well as standing out in colors such as purple, green, blue, and black.  Give yourself permission to express your fashion style in a truly outgoing way!




Check out for her take on horses, hats and hoorays!  Just adore this huge purple petal! And don’t even try to get away with skimping on the little horse figurine to top it all off!



Check out for this delightful hot pink and black designer rose hat with hot pink feathers, adorned with a sheer large black bow to set off the bright hue.  Love it paired with the leopard dress!



I just adore this silver-grey designer hat with a large decorative fabric bow, a custom-made flower, and Swarovski rhinestones to boot! What a fabulous look.  Go pale at the top and work your way down to – WOW!!



For the hours and occasions a woman wears a hat, it should bring out a different dimension of her personality.  Hats are to be stylish in, glue under, flirt beneath, and make all others take notice. Never forget that a hat is always a tiny bit of magic! Can’t wear to wear mine! Here’s to magic both on the track and off! xxx

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