Bathing Suits for Body Types

Skin is in – no matter what your shape is! It seems most women dread that first bathing suit try-on session of the year. But with so many variations and styles to choose from, there is literally something for everyone and everybody! So here are some quick tips to keep in mind when you’re ready to bite the bullet slip into some swimwear.


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In a recent issue of US Weekly, Cameron Diaz showed off her straight and slim physique in a string bikini. While you might think that says it all (after all, with a body like that you can wear anything you choose!) there are some one-piece suits out there that can create the illusion of added curves to further enhance your look. Little details like bold prints and florals, cut-outs, shirring…or any combination are also especially flattering. Halter swimsuits are fun and daring and you can’t go wrong with an extenuated neckline as it tends to emphasize the chest and create the illusion of a fuller bust line. (Amen!)

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For girls who already rock a curvaceous figure, you can get away with a bathing suit top that plays up curves while adding support. Pair that back to a string bikini with tie closures while adjustable bottoms, which will add length to your legs. There are lots of fun patterns this summer, which will work splendidly!

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Apple-shaped ladies are characterized by a larger bust, broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a less well-defined waist. As with any fashion, you need to define for yourself what areas to draw attention to and what areas to tone down. Plain tops and patterned bottoms tend to round things out, while thicker straps and underwire for support can be found in suits with built-in control. Don’t forget the shirring which can cover a multitude of problem areas!The pear shaped woman should opt for a bright top, which will lead the up and de- emphasize the hips. Hi-cut-legged one-pieces work wonders. And the longer lines of a tankini smooth out the waistline and tend to contour the bottom portion.

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Truth be told: we all have some body feature that we’d like to play down but don’t be afraid to take a chance! If you’re really having a tough time of it in brick and mortar stores, I’ve found that online shopping can be a handy tool. You can shop in secret and in the comfort of your own bedroom -check out Victoria’s Secret online…they are closing out their swimsuit line and there are great choices out there at close-out prices! Trying on bathing suits in the privacy of your own home, with only your cat, dog, or toddler watching (and they won’t tell!) can be a quick and easy solution to making beach season a blast.

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