The hardest part of getting in shape is getting in shape! My newest fave comes out of The Zen Den in Margate, New Jersey – the winner of the coveted Best Shore Workout award in Philadelphia Magazine’s “BeWellPhilly” feature. Here’s a workout with Susan, the instructor I go to, which is an amalgam of fun, freedom, play, peer support, community-involvement and a host of different levels of achievement. You and enjoy all levels from beginner-friendly to more advanced. Take a look and join me for a great time and a fantastic workout. I especially love the descriptive quote on the studio’s website: “There is a spirit of freedom and play. We are able to take the yoga seriously but ourselves not, as we have fun doing things we never thought we could.” I have been a ballet dancer since the ripe age of two. I continued all through college—even graduated to pointe –which is a great workout as well as a lot of fun with ballet moves. So, let’s get started and have fun with this one!


Susan Bacharach, who has received a Barre Certification is the guru! She comes to the beaches of Margate from Exhale New York and boasts personal training credentials. She teaches Barre at The Zen Den under the auspices of owner and premier yoga teacher Arianne Green. As Susan puts it she “ignites such passion in her athletically, and mentally challenging yoga practice and has given me this opportunity to teach Barre at The Zen Den.” The genius behind this Barre exercise platform is that you are using your own body weight primarily as your resistance; the Barre is there solely for you to sculpt your thighs and glutes. Susan has filled me in further on the fact that she has added her own spin on her Barre class by combining high interval Barre movements and strength training. It incorporates upper body carving and sculpting, strengthening the core muscles, and thus, creating a total body workout transforming long, lean functional muscles while strengthening your quads and thighs. As she explains it further, Barre literally takes inches off a woman’s body – if done consistently and with the proper form!


For more information, don’t hesitate to check out the website at  And keep in mind that she’s the real deal–she’s an avid Barre enthusiast and has taken Barre classes all over the world with the finest teachers …which is the best learning experience one can have!


Good luck and good karma!!!


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