Another Year Fabulous!

So, today’s the day!! It’s my birthday and I’m proud to admit that I’m turning a whopping 43 today!!! I feel every bit of 23 – both in my head and in my heart, which I am convinced keeps me playfully young and looking as youthful as humanly possible.


So: it’s time to celebrate and to do so – I’m sharing with all of you my top picks for any birthday present – it’s not the size that matters nor the price tag attached that means the most to moi – rather the thought, love and intentions meant to go along with the token!


Numero uno on my list is the timeless gift of…TIME…so precious, so personal, and certainly something I have practiced in my own life, especially with my children. I relish the gift of a romantic interlude with my special person…either a quick getaway or just a relaxed lunch or dinner -ideally. Money certainly doesn’t count here! New York City is my (hands-down) most cherished city in the whole US of A and I just know I’d love any activity that takes that as its locale. Because I adore the arts, going to a show is tops on my (albeit copious!) list, followed by a dreamy walk in Central Park capped off with my favorite spirit – champagne – at a posh hotel bar! Just the thought that goes into the planning of the outing, the intimate conversation, the treasured one-on-one time alone is precious…what a sheer joy on my special day!



Next on my list of wished-for birthday gifts… a special delivery!! Anything that arrives by car, truck, US Postal Service… (you get where I’m going with this!) gets my vote every time and is sure to be a winner. Throw caution to the wind and let your imagination go wild…think crazy colored balloons, a decadent fruit arrangements (with the requisite chocolate, of course!) flowers, sexy pajamas (or simply warm, cute and cozy), even gourmet pizza hand-delivered adds an extra slice of birthday fun!!! Don’t forget the singing telegram…that would certainly get my undivided attention! (And I’d likely join in too!) My adrenaline goes sky-high, when a courier just happens to stop by with a luscious bouquet in hand! Flowers represent all that is sweet, precious, and sentimental to me and although they may not last forever they leave behind a special meaning to me always!



How about some much-deserved R&R? I don’t know about you, but I tend to let everything get in the way of taking care of ME! I’d love a relaxing facial or massage or any type of body treatment to cap off my birthday celebration. I crave my “me” time (who doesn’t?)





And last but certainly not least – the bang of bling! Jewelry always gets my vote and shows that special added thought and consideration went into such a section. To me, it’s a kind of a pledge. Anything sparkly is precious to me for many reasons and gets my undivided attention. Call me sentimental but there is something about the choice of a piece of jewelry that comes across as extra sentimental to me. Necklaces hold the dearest place in my heart as they offer intimate, personal meaning. They can be worn daily, while the feelings for the person who bestowed the gift on me remain close to my soul. No matter the size or cost of the gift – this is truly a present that represents the greatest level of warmth, thought, and maybe even LOVE! And it goes without saying that anything personalized with my initials or birthstone or sweet message hits a real home run in my heart and in my mind as it shows an amazing thoughtfulness, interest, and generosity of spirit and that says it all to me.


Okay, I’m another year older and wiser and I’m really enjoying my day so far! Just waiting for the doorbell to ring…in great anticipation of what’s arriving. (Just joking!) Birthdays are precious filled with gratitude for the years past and the promise for the coming year. Enjoy your day as you join me in mine! And I hope these birthday gift tips helped you when the time comes to pick a treat for your lady, man, best friend or family! xo

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