Shades of Shades

Summer isn’t the only time to rock a set of shades, you know! Brisk fall days complete with ponchos and cozy sweaters all scream for a chic pair of sunnies to make the look complete!


How did we ever live without these Dolce & Gabbana crystal-dripping sunglasses? Luxurious round-acetate lenses vouched in bright multicolored crystals and the Dolce & Gabbana logo prominently displayed on the side.  Black and gold and exquisitely arrayed, these glasses belong to an eccentric collection that has been drawn from some of the brand’s most distinctive features which have been reinterpreted with an eclectic and seemingly unexpected twist. Look for them at Dolce & Gabbana S R L online if you don’t see them at your favorite shop. 

Check out MB and Associates’ ally, where you’ll find these amazing rainbow multicolor aviators.  These futuristic, oversized sunnies are now front and center in the fashion world – as most of the top models are in them. Enter the matrix of angular specs and you’ll never want to stray! 


The cat’s eye look is back. Louis Vuitton pairs the blackest of blacks with the brightest of whites —with grey-tinted lenses —to showcase the newest oblong shape to hit the runways.  Sleek and serene – they capture all the glamor any girl needs.  They’re uber couture. 

At you’ll find these Dior Sculpt shades in lots of interesting shade to set off the lucite accent. Shiny black, silver, green, blue and violet appear as if by magic to transform your look!  Bring your sophistication and inner elegance to the forefront as you put on these bold and eye-catching sunglasses made to look as though you just casually threw them on for a quick haunt to the market!  

Now onto where you can catch these Elizabeth and James McKinley sunglasses. In a scaled- down oval shape, the two “must do” color choices: Sunshine horn/brown mono or black/smoke mono.  Sometimes simple is better.


And Azul is awesome this fall – snatch up a pair of these Ray Ban round, retro sunglasses which are flattering enough to look good on just about anyone. They’re available at Nordstrom!


As Elton John so aptly put it, “Don’t let the sun go down on you.” Enjoy these next few weeks of sun and fun and foray into fall with “sun” vengeance.

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