Fabulous Fingers

There’s nothing better than a good mani! It can cure the blues, make you feel pretty and offer a sense style all in one swift swipe of polish! And luckily this season, there are so many new nail ideas to obsess over between cool minimalist nail art options, fresh takes on negative space and enough metallic accents to make everything shine as brightly as the sun.  Narrowing down the looks certainly wasn’t easy or for the faint of heart, but I finally got the list down and since the weather is cooperating, there’s nothing wrong with a hot flick in the right direction!


And I just adore Deborah Lippmann’s shimmer “Laughing to the Bank” nail lacquer available at Neiman Marcus, especially when paired with Blue Orchid, a soft hue like the sky on a sunlit afternoon.




I, for one, am always down for a simple nail look that requires almost no polish.  The minimal blank space manicure redefines au natural. You can use any soft pastel pink that you have and pair it with the simplest of lines in a fresh take in the geometric trend.  And use the Blue Orchid you’ve already got to highlight one nail on each hand.  It’s fun and fanciful and easy to keep looking new and fresh with almost no effort. Love that!



A go-to of mine is always the French mani and this summer you can step it up. Take it to the next level by adding a new twist of color: The chiaroscuro look is all over the runways this season so get in on the trend and surprise everyone when you make your entrance at work or at play with this alluring checkerboard design.



And try a little DIY with these Lisa Frank fades sunset skies and glitter gradients.  And Ombre shades of rainbow embellished with glitter are just the bling we all need!



Madeline Poole presents us with this wonderful line at M.P.nails.com and she has even launched a new collaboration with Sally Hansen, a nail industry powerhouse.  As the brand’s global ambassador of late, she has carte Blanche. Go for Material Pearl, a shimmering pink, or one of her other basic shades to get you inspired to be creative. Nail this trend:  Madeline Poole’s job is to make and break the latest nail trends and for this summer she highly recommends “Cheeky,” a runway inspired manicure that’s easy to recreate yourself.  The idea is that the nail looks as though it is blushing.  Undeniably summer, its lightweight feel and soft, feminine color palette make this the perfect nail look for a day at the beach or a special occasion.



So now that you have the basics, sit back, relax, and grab a quick mani at your favorite nail spa or try it yourself.  Either way your fingers will look fab!



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