What’s in a name…

“What’s in a name?” asked William Shakespeare centuries ago.  Well, as it turns out, EVERYTHING to the modern woman!  I for one just love to see my name or my initials on just about anything so I’ve ferreted out a few suggestions as we look toward Mother’s Day.


Starting from the top, I’ve sent this little number to several friends over the years. To their delight …, so it bears gets a replay.  I love the sterling silver tone which can be worn with anything- trust me, you won’t want to take it off anytime soon.



It’s available at Eve’s Addiction and comes in a script gold pattern…quick turn-around times, as well, and will make this the perfect gift.



I especially love the infinity sign and all it represents to me personally, so I hope someone will present me with this present come Mother’s Day. Add any number of children’s (or grandchildren’s) names and you’ve got a gift that will show that your love will last for… “infinity??”  ❤❤ make sure to go to getnamenecklace.com for this one.




Okay, onto one of my favorite sites: Lisa Leonard jewelry.  I wear my sterling silver stacking rings all the time.  Hand-stamped in popular lower-case lettering, it’s just another example of how jewelry can evoke lasting emotions that stand the test of time! A charming and very meaningful addition to your jewelry collection for sure.



Look cute and sporty in this monogrammed baseball hat.  Available in a wide variety of colors, these cotton twill hats have a great brushed look and are super soft and comfortable. Maybe even pair it with a personalized beach bag for a cute seaside look! Marleylilly has this monogrammed straw tote bag that can take you from work to beach play in a flash.  Fun!




Just look at this Rose Black Marble iPhone case –  you’ll be giving her a chic accessory that she can use every day and it will help her remember just how fabulous she is in your eyes.  It’s from joymerryman store on Etsy and it really can’t be beat!





There’s something about monograms that make a gift unique and special – so show your mom just how important she is this Mother’s Day. Whether you add a monogram, her family name, or even the year she became a mom or grandmother – all these details will add an extra personal touch that she’ll adore.


I love Mother’s Day because it is truly a day of love and joy and appreciation .and that’s what’s most important to me.  So, from my house (and office!) to yours: Happiest of Mother’s Days to all! 💕💕



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