Denim on Denim

You can never own enough denim and this season you can even double it up! But you can definitely “do” denim wrong, if you’re not careful.  There’s a knack to getting this one right!


Honestly, double denim tends to sound innately WRONG fashion- wise, but if you mind your do’s and don’ts, you’ll be on your way, avoiding any pitfalls along the way.



Start out simple – by pairing different shades of denim together.  Take a blue denim jacket or duster, throw on some jeans, and pull the look together with a lighter color chambray shirt.  Different shades also mean different things for your whole appearance.  Lighter shades of denim draw attention to the parts of the body they drape, while darker washes crest a slimming effect?  Play with the colors for the most flattering look you seek.



Also: the more distressed the better! Start ripping to your hearts content!  And you can always pull it together with a contrasting jacket or cardigan to complete the look.


You may even want to dress up your double denim with more luxe accessories such as bold statement shoes, a tuxedo blazer or even the brightest shade of red lips! Just look at what supermodel Gigi Hadid has done with her double denim duo: Red boots are an incredible touch that you can easily achieve and just go ahead and spirt a red tube top – wow!


Jillian Lansky certainly has the right touch with Re/Done vintage high-waisted jeans! Just add some Adidas Black Gazelle running shoes and you’re set.  Laid back weekends are prefect for this fashion trend. No need to do anything but throw on your tried and true go-to jeans!  You can make it look effortless with your right-off-the-hanger, carefree style.  As an added attraction, look in your own closet for a well-worn denim jacket or vest to top any look!


Wearing all over denim does take a bit of practice but the results are well worth it.  I particularly love the slouchy denim look of an easy light denim blouse over any darker jeans. Also: don’t forget to keep the top few buttons unbuttoned to get the maximum exposure!



Looking classy and relaxed and fun are not at different ends of the fashion spectrum, when you’re talking about denim.  Done right, it can see you through lots of days and nights as we go through fall and soon winter – probably even through spring!  So, give your denim a newfound workout and have fun with all the things you can do!

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