Naked Dresses

They say beauty is skin deep but this trend gives that saying whole new meaning! The “Naked Dress” craze is here and possibly to stay! (Buckle up!)


And the sheer look is sending many running to the plastic surgeon’s office in a search for the perfect body to complement their perfect fashionable staple. Perfect breasts, a rounded rump and tighter tummy are all in higher demand than the norm. But the rush is alarming and has many schooled experts on edge. New York City and Philadelphia-based plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Davis has seen his share of frantic patients because of this highly publicized trend, and has lots to say!  First and foremost, he inquires whether the patient is making an informed choice or bordering on the obsessive.


Female nudity has become almost commonplace, especially on the Red Carpet and fashion runways, where many of us first see these new waves that we feel strive to emulate.  But is it healthy?  Plastic surgeons are being inundated with requests for nipple procedures that would mimic the nude looks of the rich and famous – not always to the benefit of all involved in the decision-making process. While this trend had its roots in gender equality, with women desiring to assert their femininity and celebrate female nudity, it seems to have gone way beyond that….and therein lies the rub, as Shakespeare would assert! So, when does fun and fashion morph into the realm of worrisome desperation?



The emphasis right now seems to be on creating tinier nipples that can be shown off with the new sheerest of sheer see-through tops, but many patients tend to have veered away from that mark, asking instead to have their nipples fine-tuned as to the size of the areola, the color, texture, prominence and relative protrusion. All very disconcerting in some ways and the surgeons themselves are taking a hard line and turning patients away at some point.


For me, the choice to have plastic surgery shouldn’t simply follow the newest trends but instead to match one’s outer beauty to their inner attractiveness. According to my personal guru (Dr. Davis!) this trend has its origin in the fact that more young girls are interested in tight, perky breasts.  This naturally would include nipple areolar shaping.  As you can readily see from the pictures I’ve chosen to illustrate, the size and projection of the nipple is crucially important for the clothing styles that are presently in vogue. Pair the perfect plastic surgery techniques available today with the perfectly chosen sheer outfit and you’ll have a winning combination.  After all, Dr. Davis stresses that this is all about being fit and trim and in shape! Just be careful to choose the right doctor and the right outfit for a perfect “fit.” — as with any procedure, one size certainly does not fit all, especially when it comes to body image and self-esteem issues.



As always, personal -and informed – choice is the main message.  Stay true to yourself and the core values that make you YOU!  Hopefully, I give you “food for thought” along that journey of self-discovery.  I somehow know you’ll do the best thing for yourself. 💖

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