Car Crunching

It’s time for me to switch gears! So, come along for the ride as I try out some new model convertibles. Help me out here–just beginning my search for the perfect set of wheels for my fast-paced lifestyle and I could use your input along the way. Get ready for an exciting ride in my car purchase of the very near future!


A little birdie (as in my dad and very dear, good friend!) let me in on a secret that’s actually not so secret, except to me, obviously! Somehow, I never got the memo that said Buick has come up with a sexy, exciting new model!


The Cascada has it all and then some in terms of the newest equipment, including even WIFI. It comes in some great colors options, too. But I love the red – with black interior and cloth top. hopefully you’ve been following my blogs and you are aware by now that red is the newest rage!! Can’t wait to take a test drive with this baby!


Moving right along, I’ve always adored the retro look of the VW Beetle – coming or going. It’s a great remake of an oldie but goodie, complete with the John Lennon-esque single stem flower vase on the dash! Maybe not as luxurious as the Buick but certainly happy and fun. Peace and love..peace and love..that’s what we all need now more than ever!


Talking retro, how about a 2017 Mustang? Ford certainly got it right back in the 60’s and the iconic Mustang continues to be a big hit across all age groups. From teens – to retired folks. It hasn’t had that many stylistic changes over the years, but why fool with something that’s already so perfect?


Mazda Miata MX5 also fits the bill without breaking the bank. It hits a home run every time and has consistently been a winner across the board. It also has some great colors, fluid lines and reliability. Who could ask for anything more in a sporty new ride?


2011 Chevrolet Camaro. X11CH_CM016 (06/22/2010) (United States)


For the more adventurous out there, take the Chevrolet Camaro out for a spin and you might never return it to the dealership! A legend at any speed, you’ll leave everyone else in the dust when you rev up the engine! Another tried and true model with updates that make it stand out from the crowd.




Still not quite ready to make your decision? Then check out the excitement in this BMW 2 Series convertible…all the bells and whistles without the steep price tag. Or try this one on for size–the Fiat 124 Spider model with lots of trim levels to keep it within your budget – or not! Also: Audi always comes through for you with the excitement of the A3 models which will blow you away when you lower the “lid”! Just drop the top and somehow everything seems better and more manageable with the wind in your hair and some added sunshine!


Now I just must toss in the uber affordable Mini Cooper! It’s cute, easy and fancy- free. Just jump in for a carefree driving experience that will certainly leave you with a smile on your face.



You know I’m always interested in your take on all matters fashion related but I look forward to being filled in on your car choices, as well. So, come along for the ride and help me avoid any bumps in the road in my search. Driving a convertible means you can take your driving experience to the limit as your choices are limitless. On this trip, I’m taking all of you along – so buckle up and prepare for some great fun! Try to guess which one I finally decided on! There just may be a quiz next time! 😊

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