Back to Black!

While for many of us – black will never go out of style – a new study has come to light which quantifies that view and backs it up with real science!  And who could argue with a factual assessment that wearing black makes us feel more attractive, confident and intelligent!



More than 1,000 people surveyed by UK retailer say black is their hue of choice when it comes to getting dressed. We’ve always known that – but it’s nice to see it in, well, black and white!



So, what do we do with this new information?  We plan to wear black across the board this summer and fall–and enjoy every minute of it, basking in the new-found attention.



Some looks you may never have associated with black and how to carry off the all-black look without looking or feeling boring!  Pair a sleek pair of leather jeans or leggings with a black coat (black leather trim gives you extra primping points!) and layer on a black cable knit sweater, black belt and black leather hobo bag.  You simply can’t lose with this “wear everywhere” and very wearable outfit.



Or:  push for the subdued look in the black color palette with a tailored peplum jacket and tight ankle pants for a sophisticated silhouette. Don’t forget some black leather mules as an interesting alternative to classic stilettos.



Feel like something black with an interesting texture?  Just happened to spot this Kenzie faux fur sweatshirt and if you’re really feeling a bit over the top, feel free to pair it with — more fur, like this Felder Felder coat. If you’re not totally up for the leather short shorts, all the furry outerwear will certainly cover a multitude of styles.



And, just for fun, you might want to stock- up on black lipstick and nail lacquer to complete your look.  Or grab a pair of Super Girl sunglasses in double black too.  You won’t need superpowers to get your look in gear with chic style –just don these sunnies and your enviable ensemble-crafting abilities will be clearly evident!  With cats-eye frames formed from shiny black metal bordering mirrored lenses, this pair from Quay Australia are supernaturally sleek and simply gorgeous. (And more than affordable!) Then again, “purr- fect ” your ensemble by slinging this adorable cat shaped lush black velvet bag from Modcloth over your shoulder. Okay, so I’m normally a pooch person but this was undeniably too cute not to include –how can you resist the closed-eye, eyelash stitching and pointy ears paired with its simple gold chain strap – you’ll be feeling and looking luxe all eve!




So just a quick recap summing  up the reasons why black should be your go-to color this season and for every season and every reason: It goes with everything, so you never have to worry about looking mismatched, it covers all bases from inexpensive to very luxe, it never goes out of style, you can add almost any accessories to it and still come out ahead of the game (think real “game” – as in leopard!), it’s available in every conceivable fabric, including the newest styles of crushed velvet for fall and it helps you to blend in if anonymity is what you really crave. So, throw caution to the wind, throw on some basic black, and make your very own end- of-summer splash!

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