Banging Braids

It’s the summer of braids! And it’s not just for little girls like my very own fairy godmother!!!❤️ Showcasing cool looking (and feeling!) hairstyles is a hot weather priority to me. Braids are super fun, easy, and fancy-free for all the sweltering days ahead.


Deciding on the best hairstyle to weather the summer months should be one less worry on your to-do list. Keeping it simple for vacation plans, office days, outings with kids …and trying to keep that dreaded humidity at bay – braids are the perfect, chic solution. And an added benefit: just watch what envious glances you get from guys and girls when you present with a fab new look that looks like you spent hours getting ready!


Want to feel like a summer swan? Well, here’s your crown to get you started on the fast track to royalty. Try crown braids. They’re so simple even a child can do it. Just pull two low braids over your head, pin – and done!  You’ve got it made in the shade!


Looking for a bit of a whimsical twist? Leave a few face framing wisps of hair that just happened to escape from your carefully twisted braids! They’ll be so soft and feminine -you just know you can pull it off and no one will be the wiser.


Travel is often stressful enough and getting your hair to behave while you’re away is sometimes an added challenge at best. Why not try one of these eye-catching headband braids? Headbands are all the rage right now on the celebrity runways so why not give it a whirl for yourself? A braided headband is a great way to switch up the look without wearing a real headband and the effect can be mesmerizing! Try one of these and don’t forget to let me know which one you love the best!


For longer hair, I just adore this pull-through, relaxed look for a softer take on the traditional braid! It looks and feels so natural and uncomplicated – just like summer is supposed to be! You might need just the tiniest bit of hairspray to get some hold but you’ll certainly be able to hold your own once you get up and running with the crowd!


Guess what? Your fave childhood hairstyle is officially back in style for 2017! Braided bangs are here and you can get more bang for your buck if you go with this throwback favorite – can you feel the vibes?? Simply part your hair down the middle and weave a teeny tiny braid into each side of your part and voila – you’ve officially gone back to the future!


I love the sweet surprise twist to this braid. Why not weave a thin strip of fabric through a small side plait to add just a touch of the bohemian look? It’s a cool update for your usual blowout. Add fun and flair to your hairdo routine for added interest and attention to your warm weather beauty details.


Okay: So, I’ve given you the raw materials to make your days in the sun easily flattering. Just add a dash of water, a sprinkle of sun and some sand for a glorious look that can take you through the summer with lots of smiles. By the way, for those of you out there with daughters–try any of these styles out as a mother-daughter team for lots of added attention. Such fun! I plan to try it out with my Arielle, and I’ll include a picture along the way!

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