Hottest Hues

Bright is better this summer in all shades of color! From swimsuits – to beach totes, rompers, lipstick, nail polish – even hair – crazy color is the name of the game.  It’s not all “black and white” this season – follow your basic YES instinct and hit the beach running in colorful style. Fear not – it’s easy to embrace the season’s hottest hues.



Start with revamping your lipstick to get in tune with the latest and most daring. Why not go with Ulta’s Be Legendary bright pink matte look?  Everyone will certainly see you coming and be very complimentary when you arrive on trend. Or step it up with Urban Decay Vice by Junkie in the green shade that has everyone wondering and talking!



Nail it! For hands and toes in the bold – lighten up with Madison Ave-Hue Hue Bright Pink by Essie and that doesn’t even begin to describe the impression you’ll make when you make this your go-to polish for the season. SquareHue has come up with a three bottle Adventure Collection. Scooter Key West, which will take you from spring to fall with ease too – try out this bright berry pink, to micro glitter blush. It comes in shades from baby-soft pink to high gloss mint-green crème! Fabulous!



Denim is daring this summer too! Skinny, rolled-cuff jeans in vibrant pink or fire engine red will bring out the best in you.   Or throw on a well-worn grey sweatshirt over these super skinny Topshop ripped jeans available at Nordstrom. They’re a must-have!  The perfectly ’80s retro look is THE look to rock. And for some flower power, grab a pair of this floral denim by Joseph Ribkoff.



MICHAEL by Michael Kors offers a fantastic selection of brightly colored- hammered, crepe free-flowing tops. Put one on and you’ll never look back! (Well, maybe just to check yourself out!) It’s fun, flirty and fabulous!



Primary reds and blues, neon yellows and bold splashes of color rule the day! (And night!) Even celebrities have embraced the trend, opting for bright gowns on the Red Carpet and more unusual colors than have been reigning supreme too.  The best method to AMP up the color palette – mix your tones together. Accessories are also a perfect way to add that extra element to an outfit, like a super bright bag or shoe.




Hair is about non-traditional hues, as well. Make a splash with a splash of bright hair color!  While I wouldn’t necessary rock it myself, I do love the amethyst- to-sapphire look to make a gentle start on a color statement. True to the name of the gem, the amethyst hue will certainly set you apart from the crowd.



So revamp your look to keep up with the soon-to-be sizzling temps. You know you can pull it off!  And let me know what compliments you garner along the way!  xxx

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