Summer Bronze!

Okay: ‘Tis the season for sun-kissed, glowing skin!  I’ll fill you in on my not-so- secret “secret” for summer success: bronzers – if you’re as uber careful about your skin as I am, they do the trick in a disarmingly simple way and make all your summer plans effortlessly fall into place.  I don’t know about you, but the operative words in the vocabulary that describe my busy life are SIMPLE and QUICK! If you’re wary of sunbathing and those damaging UV rays (and who isn’t?) but still desire that gorge, tanned look, get smart about it: self-tanning bronzers are the way to go! They’re a great and safe way to get that golden glow that you’re looking for, and it may already be in your makeup bag, so get outside and get active with the healthy skin regimen you’ve been looking for.



Check out these fave products as you wind your way through the beauty aisle! My first impulse is to grab Hoola, by Benefit – it’s matte and very natural looking and seems to last endlessly through the day and into the evening.  Hope you’ve got a big soft makeup brush on hand – that’s the best way to apply a bronzer for an even look that can’t be beat.



To get “the look,” look no further than NYX Bronzer and at just $9, how can you beat it?  It gives an all-over matte look that’s soft and subtle and is great for contouring.  It’s easy to find, easy to apply, and easy on the eyes.



Cargo bronzer lets you go for the gold with just the right amount of shimmer to make it interesting. It brushes on smoothly and leaves a perfect finish that will leave you smiling all day. It’s so soft and natural that you won’t even feel that you’re wearing makeup.  This couldn’t make summer prep any easier!



New to my routine this summer is the tanning lotion by Arbonne. I just started using it this week on my legs, arms, and chest and so far, so good!  And you simply can’t go wrong with Jergens natural glow moisturizer for everyday use. It’s simple to add to your beauty routine and it won’t break the bank!



Saving the best for last: I guess it’s not a secret if you tell the world about it, but my go-to bronzing product is St. Tropez bronzing oil.  I apply it with a glove so I won’t stain the palm of my hand and good thing is: that technique also ensures that I’ll be applying it evenly.  Truly, this is the most DIY natural-looking tan I’ve come across. though I will admit that I do a professional airbrush tan two or three times a summer, as well. I’ve covered that before so check it out on my blog for the latest 411 on that procedure!



One more tip: I NEVER put tanning cream on my face, because it can seriously clog those delicate pores but I recommend bronzer blush by Chanel and NARS paired with neutral, natural looking lip glosses for that unmistakable tropical glow.


With summer fun on the horizon, get your fashion look ready for sun, sand..(and protection from the sun..) with the makeup solutions that will make your routine easy and fun so you’ll have more worry-free time for relaxation.  C’mon summer …we’re as anxious as we can be to get in on all the plans for warmer climes!  Why don’t you join me next week for more summer tips that are tried and true, by ME! Xo

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