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For many – hair can be a show-stopping accessory if done right! And with spring now in full swing and summer (thank gawd!) just around the corner – now is THE time to lighten and brighten. Since birth, I’ve been my own version of Goldilocks. But what was once au naturel – now needs a helpful beauty boost from a color artist extraordinaire! I look no further than Le Reve Salon & Barber Shop and Dream Spa in Cherry Hill to revive and reconstruct my hue to an haute state.



I checked in with Chrissy Mendez, color artist at Le Reve, to get her take on what’s happening in the world of…hair!  Hopefully her tips will get you in a “lighter” state of mind too.


Get ready! There is a new and improved way to highlight your locks!  The “balayage” technique is in many cases, the way to go and it will keep your color intact longer as having “roots” is part of the look.  The style is more natural and your roots will grow out less noticeably–there will be no harsh root line.  You’ll only be doing this about twice a year: The technique involves “hair painting,” and the idea is exactly that, painted on very natural looking highlights, graduated by going lighter as you get to the ends.  It’s very low maintenance!


Gearing up for summer, I’m all about showcasing lighter blonde in place of the usual golden tones my hair consists of. In addition, Chrissy added some low lights for dimension.  I didn’t opt for the balayage technique – rather the traditional foil tactic instead (see my glam shot!) but Chrissy lined the foils from the center of my forehead back so my hair is framed more natural-looking and roots will come in much less noticeable. (A-men!)



And just as in jewelry, rose gold tones are all the rage in hair lightening and highlighting.  It’s very simple idea – just pre-lighten the hair, then add in the rose gold tones for a breezy, sunlit appearance.



Want a super-natural look?  Try baby lights!  Go all over blonde with very fine highlights! Again, the goal is to achieve a very natural look with no harsh root line.  That can be easily accomplished if you give this a chance!



In terms of the newest “in” cuts and styles for spring and summer, you can always rely on some old favorites.  Wavy hair, I call them “beach waves,” are a great way to give a hint of what’s to come this summer. Hopefully, warm sun and carefree days lounging by the sand and wading into the water will only help accentuate those beachy-curls you created with the help of a wide-barrel iron.   Or have your hair cut into a “lob,” a long bob which will see you through those summer days with nary a hair care.




We are always on the hunt for the perfect, low maintenance – yet high style looks and techniques! After all, summer is for easy, carefree fun.! And, as always, let me know what you think about my thoughts. Until next week, I hope you’re enjoying the milder weather and working on your plans to make this spring and summer your best and happiest yet! xo

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