Sunglasses for Summer

Here comes the sun! (Or so we hope!) What a great time to break out the shades – or sunnies – as I like to call them. I’m always rocking mine – I wear them all year long and constantly searching for my next fave pair and a spare! Go for the specs that offer the best combination of glamour and protection from the sun’s rays. Enjoy the accessory that shows off your best feature – your face and bright eyes!


Fashionistas are still rocking the over-sized look! It’s been a runway staple for years and looking forward I can pretty much promise you that a pricey pair of specs that you buy this season will serve you well for years to come…and be a standout for all time. So: go ahead and splurge on a big, bold futuristic look and you’ll have it made in the shade this year for sure.

As we’re seeing in all kinds of fashion categories, black and white dominate the chic scene, especially in the best and newest sunnies. Contrast is the name of the game and my vote goes to these unusual white rimmed ones. We’re going back to the future with sunglasses reminiscent of the current sci-fi rage. Surely, you’ve seen these on some famous faces recently! Look for these black and white glasses on the summer fashion runways this season!


You also can’t go wrong with a splash of color! Go for a great hue to make your summer fashion statement. Colored lenses are “it” this spring. I especially love the blue tones that I’m seeing everywhere. I spotted these Tom Ford aviator glasses with blue lenses at Saks – and haven’t stopped thinking about them since! They’re definitely on my have-to-have list!! Blue tends to highlight the skin and eyes and add a softer, more romantic touch. Try them for subtle, airy style – there are lots of shades of blue to check out before deciding. Model the paler teal or a blue softened with yellow tones – and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the look.


Really want to stand out from the crowd? How about some glitter and big bling? You’ll certainly get noticed in these over-sized, blingy sunnies. You’ll have a ball wearing them and waiting for the comments compliments coming your way!


While you’re at it, don’t pass up the newest craze: fruit and flower power – cat’s eye sunglasses! They’re newest trend – check it out! They’re super fun, colorful and DIFFERENT! Take a chance on standing out in these delicious new mix and match prints.


So, I’m looking forward to a summer full of sun, sand, and fun days and nights. Join me in gathering all the accouterments we’ll need to make our dreams a reality! Should be lots of fun, right?

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