Earmuff Musts

Believe it or not – earmuffs are a style staple. The puffy and often furry maven mounds of warmth can be uber chic and salvage a fabulous hair day – sparing you the horrid “hat head” flatness that’s often associated with any number of coverings. Here are a few suggestions for staying on top of the wind chill this winter and effortlessly maintain your fashion allure.

Okay, you might as well admit it: we’re all secretly tethered to our electronics and these UGG/Australia Classic Headphone Earmuffs will help keep you seamlessly connected to the outside world and no one will be the wiser! Genuine shearing and sporting a concealed audio port, you can go from office to home through the outdoor elements without missing a beat! Several compelling colors, deep navy and jet black add to the appeal of this unorthodox take on fighting the cold…and winning!

A go-to staple for all thing chic is my favorite site shopbop.com – there you can find a plethora of adorable earmuffs – CUTE! Maybe we’re all kids at heart when it comes to wintertime frolic and these Kate Spade New York Earmuffs with the precious satin bow juxtaposed with demure dark red satin headpiece will surely make up for the bitter winds with style, grace, and lots of fun! You can’t miss when you slide these on: great color, coverage, and a look that’s pure fantasyland. These will certainly turn you into a make-believe princess, if only for the day, and it will be well worth it to escape the cold.

For some added glamour, try these Jennifer Behr Crystal Embellished black, dyed fox fur and violet earmuffs on for size. Glamorous as you go…with Swarovski crystals no less! Who says you should be comfortable and boring when you can be contented and gorgeous! Saks is featuring them right now…and while they’re sold out, keep an eye out for when they get re-stocked!

If you’ve kind of given in to the elements and simply want to be warm and comfortable -pick up this unique Cable Knitted Ear Warmers by Nirvanna Designs. Available in charcoal grey and ebony, they look as good as they feel with pure wool on the outside with a soft, cozy lining against your skin. The price is right, too…what better combination than functionality with just a hint of flair? Just try them on and you’ll be sold on them right away!

Just one glance outside will convince you that winter is definitely here to stay – at least for a while, but don’t let the cold get you down. Maybe you’re just running out for a quick cup of coffee or hot chocolate –I take mine with marshmallows, thank you! –but you can still be prepared to defeat the chill, so bundle up and enjoy!

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