Gifts for the Ladies in Your Life!

Make no mistake – whether you’ve been in a relationship for 10-weeks or 10-years, buy your girl anything less than “great” this time of year and you’ll likely get the boot. (Well, not really – but isn’t it better to hear squeals than screams?)


When in doubt – go for her bestie – diamonds – your girl’s best friend. Well, in case you’re hearing it here first (right…!) Let me fill you in on a little secret I usually whisper into Santa’s ear..anything bright and sparkly…I’M IN!!!💍💍💍. So here are a few suggestions for what you really want to unwrap under the tree on Christmas morning or on the first eve of Hanukkah.



Okay, so maybe it’s a bit over the top, but Ifound this amazing Chanel Plume Bracelet in 18 carat white gold and diamonds. Feathersare supposed to be a harbinger of good things to come, so who am I to question that belief? I know if I’m wearing this gorgeous cuff bracelet, my luck will almost certainly be changing for the better. And if I was lucky enough to land it on my arm – I’d say I was off to a great start!



No one wants to be blue over the holidays unless you’re talking these great blue diamond earrings. Colored diamonds are all the rage – with chocolate tones taking top spot. Check out these beautiful blue enhanced diamond solitaire earrings…over two carats total weight. They will look great with anything, especially jeans and boots. Anyone who gives these to their favorite lady this year will certainly be well rewarded…with hugs and kisses!



Along the same lines, infinity necklaces are quite coveted and I found a very affordable diamond one at Zales. Again in this blue hue that I really love. Tell her you’ll be there for her forever and you’ll have this Christmas thing effortlessly all wrapped up!




Another way to steal her heart is to warm it up! How about something very soft, very feminine, and just very sweet for your sweetheart? Try this luscious faux fur lined monogrammed robe in ivory/grey on for size from Pottery Barn! How can you lose? She’ll put it on right out of the box and stay in it all Christmas Day, snuggled up in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate – and you.


Enjoy the holidays with friends and family, fun and frivolity…from my house to yours with love and warmest wishes. Mindie xo

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