Turkey Burner Workout

It’s the one day a year – fat or thin, tones or thick – you can eat your heart out and not feel guilt. ‘Tis Thanksgiving time! And while we are sincerely grateful for the bounty that we share – and friends, family, and health-wealth, sometimes we need to give some thought to what I loving refer to as my Turkey Burner Workout…revving up my metabolism to rein in those unwanted and unhealthy calories which await. For the last decade or more, each Thanksgiving morning, I’ve escaped for an hour or so to hit the gym, jump into a spin class or Zen out in a Bikram hot yoga session. I tend to feel slightly less remorseful post-dinner indulging and per Life Time Athletic experts, I’m right! Boosting the metabolism via a powerhouse pre-meal workout is the key to guilt-free feasting!!


My personal goal is to savor my TDay favorites without any second thoughts: thin slices of white meat turkey with just a hint of gravy, ANY pie, pumpkin, blueberry, apple. (not a fan of coconut, though). for dessert, I’ll eat whatever is available!! Let’s take on the cornucopia that defines Thanksgiving while keeping in mind that there’s always a “morning after!” Turn up the heat…don’t burn that delicious turkey, but burn up some calories along the way!


Talking (turkey!) today with my personal trainer…getting the inside scoop at tips and strategies to see me through the big day and beyond…who doesn’t want to look and feel their best for the “piece de resistance,”…New Year’s Eve! Fitness guru, Eric Hudson, personal training manager at Life Time Athletic in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, says there are three must-do moves to keep your metabolism moving!


In order to maximize your workout, you need to start with an effective warm-up that prepares your metabolism to burn fat more efficiently throughout your workout. Unless you’ve had a professional metabolic assessment, you’ll just have to guess as to your optimal warm-up time, usually between 8-10 minutes. Warm up until you break a light sweat, to get your body and metabolism ready for exercise. The best exercises to do in a short span of time to burn the most fat are functional exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups. Here are two different circuits you can do to burn and be feeling good come Thanksgiving dinner and you can do them all in the comfort of your own home without equipment!


Circuit 1: Do 5 rounds of 15 repetitions of each exercise with minimal rest




Lunges (15 on each leg)





Mountain climbers (15 on each side)



Rest 3-5 minutes between circuits!


Circuit 2: Do 5 rounds of 15 repetitions of each exercise with minimal rest







Plank Hold (30 second hold instead of the 15 repetitions for this exercise)


Cool down with a light jog for 5-10 minutes to finish

After you feast on your feast, make sure you break a sweat the day after too – and get some light cardio in. But be sure not to overdo it as your body may be sore from the previous workout and not quite ready for prime time after the previous work out!


At the end of the day, there is no question that you want a Thanksgiving celebration to savor with friends and family, but as you can see, there are tried and true ways to make the most of those occasions without stressing out over them – and looking fit and fabulous at the same time!


Enjoy…have a lovely Thanksgiving!! Much love and sharing warmth and thanks to all!


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