There is nothing sexier and quite honestly hotter than a pair of short-shorts. The perfect go-to attire for a night of sips with your girls or your guy, shorts are now edging their way into the office place, as well. At MB, we are always office-appropriate but the ladies know that a chic pair of shorts, paired with a baby doll silk t and wedge-heeled shoes, goes a long way! Here are a few really cool ideas to get things started.

These shorts outfits can and will make work seem more like fun than work! Face summer responsibilities in style by adding bold patterns, bright colors, and even a few new twists on what has always worked.

Guacho MB 7.27

Longer length shorts–imitating the gaucho style–are trending again. Love this take on traditional Bermuda shorts from Just layer on a solid white tank top and a tailored blazer and you’re good to go from your dressing room to the board room. Shorts with longer lengths and pleats as well as higher waists are perfect for the office. Pair them with a loose fitting off white cotton blouse (with some very understated detail) for a cool, crisp warm weather style.

leather shorts

If you’re really feeling adventurous (or self-employed so you can bend that pesky dress code a bit!!) try on these olive leather shorts from with a patterned long sleeved shirt and matching olive leather jacket for size…I know you can make heads turn on even the hottest day!


Since we’re talking oldies, a throwback to the 90s is the skort. They’re reappearing in lots of high-end venues and are the perfect cross between shorty-shorts and skirts…a fun and sexy way to show just enough leg to make it interesting! You can’t go wrong with this tight navy and white look print from Athletica easy to grab and pull on with a navy blouse on days you’re running a bit late! You can even add a fitted shirt and navy blazer to complete the look and no one will be the wiser.


For a really great sassy combo, take a walk on the wild side with these exotic leopard shorts, paired with a polka-dot shirt…one pattern on top and one on the bottom tends to even things out and a solid blazer can really pull it all together. You won’t see this outfit duplicated anytime soon!

You might not be inclined to whistle while you work, but at the very least you can sizzle while you work. Use the summer heat to your advantage in looking chic and stylish and be prepared to go from 0-60 in seconds with these fun fashions that will see you effortlessly into fall.


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