3D Fashion

3D creations long been the vision of the future. They have gone from fiction to reality, opening new vistas in every realm of science and art–even co-opting the technology into the fashion industry in a big, new and exciting way.


3D clothing has hit the runway – debuting a new level of customization beyond anything your local tailor or seamstress can reproduce, literally personalizing your attire to any body type.


Neiman Marcus has joined the fray with this adorable Marchesa Notte lilac tulle 3D strapless floral embroidered cocktail dress…there’s still plenty of summertime left to enjoy this number! If you’re adventurous it is also available in a popping fuchsia!


Alexis Walsh, a fashion designer from New York specializing in 3D printing, has unveiled her latest piece. the APEX coat which features 3D printed studs that were created using generative design software. Making its USA fashion debut at the Harvard Identities Fashion Show, the intriguing outerwear garment is also scheduled to be showcased at the Berlin Fashion Week and in Barcelona and Helsinki. Merging the old with the new, Walsh uses a simulation software which sought to combine the traditional tailoring of a simple black coat with the stark contrast of modern digital design techniques. Rather than placing individual pieces in a pattern, the random asymmetrical placement of the stud clusters emerges nuanced and different!


Nora Toure, the founder of Women in 3D Printing, looked at the future of this field, with the promise of mass customization. Global brands are also getting in on the action as sportswear giant Adidas has now unveiled their plan to use 3D printing in their mass manufactured Futurecraft sneaker, providing a journey of exploration to define the future of craftsmanship through new technology, design, and collaborations, providing the finest experience in performance, comfort, and styling.


Digital Trends online magazine even uses as their slogan ” Today we carry technology – tomorrow we’ll wear it” to point us in the right direction toward the future. We’re headed toward the future and the promise of 3D clothing is NOW! Nanotechnology has given us “smarter” fabrics and conductive yarns and materials mean that the usual fabrics we wear and sleep on can suddenly, almost miraculously, communicate with our smart devices – creating a brave new world scenario for the fashion industry. All at once, 3D printing could change and even control the manner we think about, design, produce, wear, and even purchase clothes.


Designer Danit Peleg was at the forefront of the 3D movement, creating, in 2014, an entire trunk collection of 3D clothes and shoes from a strong flexible filament called FilaFlex, as a requirement of her fashion design degree. Her early attempts took the fashion world by storm and secured her reputation as a 3D printing visionary. Amazing! I can’t wait for this idea to be embraced by more fashion icons. ❤️❤️

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